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5 Ridiculously easy ways to create Instagram Video Story!

Instagram Story is a really cool place to show your creativity. There are plenty of things that you can do on your Story. You must have seen people using professional cameras and video editing softwares for their stories. They obviously look super awesome and I appreciate all those creative people for inspiring me to create good Instagram stories. Not all the people have the subscription to Adobe Premiere pro or any other video editing software. I have tried some simple apps to create Instagram Stories and used them over a month. Each time I did something new, I got a lot of questions from most of the people. So I have gathered the first 5 tricks for this blog. You can use these tricks on your phone (iOS/Android) and all the apps are free. These apps are: 1. Instagram
2. InShot
3. Google Photos
4. Snapchat
5. VSCO These are the tricks/combination of apps that you can use to create cool stories for your Instagram. For this blog I have considered Video stories only as they get the most engagem…