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5 Ridiculously easy ways to create Instagram Video Story!

Instagram Story is a really cool place to show your creativity. There are plenty of things that you can do on your Story. You must have seen people using professional cameras and video editing softwares for their stories. They obviously look super awesome and I appreciate all those creative people for inspiring me to create good Instagram stories. Not all the people have the subscription to Adobe Premiere pro or any other video editing software.
I have tried some simple apps to create Instagram Stories and used them over a month. Each time I did something new, I got a lot of questions from most of the people. So I have gathered the first 5 tricks for this blog. You can use these tricks on your phone (iOS/Android) and all the apps are free. These apps are:
1. Instagram
2. InShot
3. Google Photos
4. Snapchat
These are the tricks/combination of apps that you can use to create cool stories for your Instagram. For this blog I have considered Video stories only as they get the most engagement. Use any/all of the below tricks and use the location sticker to get more views.

Trick 01: (Instagram + Google Photos)

Record a video using “Hands free mode” on Instagram app. Zoom in and zoom out by swiping up and swiping down on the screen. The video will definitely be unstabilized. Save the video to your camera roll and open it with Google Photos app. Then stabilize the video using Google Photos.

Trick 02: (Instagram)

Record a video using “Hands free mode” with some cool background music. Then tap on the brush tool and pick a color. Then tap and hold the screen to convert the video into a solid background. Then experiment with stickers. Pin them to get more creative look.

Trick 03: (Snapchat + InShot)

Snapchat is really an awesome app for both Instagram and Snapchat stories. Everyday you will get different AR (augmented reality) stickers where you can use your own Snapchat Avatar and create cool stories with it. So you need to save those stories to your camera roll. Then open the video with InShot app. Make sure to change the sequence size to9:16. Then add any music you like and save it with 1080P. You can also experiment with the InShot app and add different effects, texts etc.

Trick 04: (VSCO)

If you have any old video/boomerang on your phone, go to VSCO app then open the video. Then you can add the same VSCO filters to the video those you use for your photos and save it. This only works with VSCO X subscription which is ₹1,350 per year. So if that’s more for you then share the subscription with your friends. You can login to VSCO on multiple devices but the pictures and videos that you edit with VSCO on your phone won’t be synced to other devices.

Trick 05: (Google Photos + VSCO)

This trick is a combination of Trick 01 and Trick 04. So here you can take any older video that you have taken on your phone or any new video. Then open it with Google Photos and stabilize it. Also you can crop a specific 14-15 second section of the video using Google photos app. Then open the video with VSCO and add the filter that goes the best with the video and you are done.
So these are the 5 easy tricks that you can use to create awesome Instagram Stories. If you like this blog, please share it with your fellow instagrammer friends. Also there are plenty of other tricks available for Instagram Stories. If you know any of them or using them then I would appreciate if you teach me. Check my Instagram @zuvam and give it a follow if you like my work.