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What is the best Social Media platform to grow business?

Before answering to this question, let me tell you a brief background story about me. I am a photographer, blogger and social media manager from Hyderabad. I am 23.

I have been doing a lot of Social media campaigns lately for some local businesses here in Hyderabad and honestly I would say that there is no specific Social Media platform which is the best at this point of time. It's 2017 and if you are running a business in this era then you have to give value and understand the potential of each and every social media platform. Every social media has its own secret recipe that can bring you growth and potential customers for your business. So as a business owner, if you do understand the business that you are running then you need to use all the social media platforms available and you need to create content for all the social networking services and you need to make an impression and get the attention from your audience. So that's the answer✌.

If you find this helpful, do share this with your friends and people who are running businesses and are struggling with social media stuff.

Subham Swain